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Our Clients

CWS Fiberglass Technologies is proud to have partnered with the following clients.

Civil & Government Commercial Energy Sector Potash Pulp & Paper

At CWS, we make it our top priority to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work. Read what our clients have to say with these reference letters from CB&I and Imperial Oil.

CWS Fiberglass Technology has worked on projects with a large client base at an array of job sites. The following is a list of some of our valued clients and project sites:

Civil & Government


• Crossfield Energy Centre
• Tank Layup Repair
• Calgary Energy Center #2 Tank Repair
• Sodium Nozzle Replacements

City of Red Deer, Logo

City of Red Deer
• Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Waste Brine Lines and Potable Water Lines

Trotter & Morton, Logo

Trotter & Morton
• Emerald Lake Lodge Septic Tank System
• Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery Baffles and Overflow
• Encana Balzac Cogen Plant

Graham Industrial, Logo

Graham Industrial
• Red Deer WWTP Foul Air Line Replacement
• Green Thread Shop Fabricatio


• Communication Network Fiberglass Antenna Covers

SENA Waste Services, Logo

SENA Waste Services
• Swan Hills Treatment Centre

Alberta Sustainable Resources, Logo

Alberta Sustainable Resources
• Firewatch Solar Shield Mountain Modules
• Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery

City of Calgary, Logo

City of Calgary
• Pine Creek Waste Water Treatment Facility
• Odor Abatement and HVAC Ducting
• Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Recycle Lines
• East Landfill Leachate tank UT inspection



Agrium Redwater
• FRP Asset UT inspection c/w engineer's report generation

Safeway, Logo

• Structural FRP Bracing
• Produce Transport Reinforcements

XL Foods, Logo

XL Foods
• Brooks, AB

ERCO Worldwide
• FRP Asset UT inspection c/w engineer's report generation


Energy Sector

AltaGas Utilities, Logo

AltaGas Utilities
• FRP Tank Repairs
• Tank Internals

BAR Engineering, Logo

BAR Engineering
• ExxonMobil Tank Internals
• Murphy Oil Tank Internals

Argo Sales, Logo

Argo Sales
• Tank Internals 2001 - 2015

Baker Hughes, Logo

Baker Hughes
• Estevan Sask HCL Tank Farm


• Varadero Cuba Fire Water System
• Yumuri Region Oil Battery

Amec, Logo

• Cenovus Christina Lake
• Imperial Oil Kearl Lake

Willbros, Logo

• Husky Oil Sunrise Tank Internals

Canexus, Logo

• Bruderheim Acid Blending Terminal

Upside Engineering, Logo

Upside Engineering
• Cenovus Foster Creek
• Skim Units & Tank Internals

Westview Engineering Ltd, Logo

Westview Engineering Ltd
• Rife Resources Skim Units
• Altex Energy Ltd

Foremost, Logo

• Tank Internals Supply 2006 - 2015

MEG Energy, Logo

MEG Energy
• Christina Lake Phase I & II

Alstar Oilfield Services, Logo

Alstar Oilfield Services
• CNRL Kirby North Piping
• Newalta Fox Creek VRU

GLM Industries, Logo

GLM Industries
• 1998 - 2015 Tank Internal Piping and Radial
• Cone Panel System

HATCH Engineering, Logo

HATCH Engineering
• Birchcliff Energy Tank Internals

Vermilion Energy, Logo

Vermilion Energy
• Radial Skim Cone Tank System
• Skim Units

ExxonMobil, Logo

• Kearl Lake Expansion Interconnect Piping Modules 2" - 40" Diameter
• FRP Internal

WorleyParsons, Logo

• Devon Jackfish 2 - Water, Acid, and Caustic Tank Lines
• Devon North Cecil Battery

OEL - Formerly O'Rourke Engineering, Logo

OEL - Formerly O'Rourke Engineering
• Devon Canada Belloy VRU
• Harvest Energy Skim Units

ONEC - Formerly ECO-Technica, Logo

ONEC - Formerly ECO-Technica
• Whitecourt Acid Blending Skids
• Suncor Energy Acid Lines

Perpetual Energy, Logo

Perpetual Energy
• Manville Battery FRP Tank Internals

TAHK Projects Ltd, Logo

TAHK Projects Ltd
• Laricina Germain SAGD Pilot Project

Murphy Oil Corporation, Logo

Murphy Oil Corporation
• Tank Internals
• H-Spreader Bars
• Skim Units

Talisman Energy, Logo

Talisman Energy
• Farrell Creek BC
• Chauvin Battery Tie-ins

Ganotec West, Logo

Ganotec West
• Kiewit Energy Group
• FRP Tank Internals
• Skim Units Imperial Oil Nabiye Tank Project

SNC-Lavalin, Logo

• FRP Cable Covers
• Husky Energy HCL VRU

ConocoPhillips, Logo

• Vulcan Gas Plant
• Acid Gas Project
• Skim Tank Internals

Plains Midstream, Logo

Plains Midstream
• Fort Saskatchewan Brine Line Replacement
• Skim Units
• Nipisi Skim Units

Wood Group Mustang - Formerly IMV Projects, Logo

Wood Group Mustang - Formerly IMV Projects
• Murphy Oil Tank Internal
• Advantage Oil & Gas Tank Internals

Gas Liquids Engineering, Logo

Gas Liquids Engineering
• Devon Energy Red Creek VRU
• Skim Units
• Harvest Operations
• Tank Internals

Allnorth - Formerly XXL Engineering, Logo

Allnorth - Formerly XXL Engineering
• ARC Resources Tank Internals
• Alberta Clipper Energy
• Connacher Oil and Gas Tank Internals

Shell Canada, Logo

Shell Canada
• Albian Sands 9 km 36" Green Thread Pipeline
• Caroline Gas Complex
• Waterton Facility
• Limestone Complex

Excelsior Engineering, Logo

Excelsior Engineering
• ARC Resources Skim Units Radial Cone Panel System
• Vermillion Utikuma Lake Facility Piping
• Husky Oil Tank Internals

Leading Manufacturing Group, Logo

Leading Manufacturing Group
• Husky Energy
• Petrobakken FRP Internals
• Integra Engineering Inlet Diffuser
• Penn West Tank Internals

TNT Engineering, Logo

TNT Engineering
• Skim Unit Assemblies
• Tank Internals
• Whitecap Resources Elnora Facility

Gemini Engineering, Logo

Gemini Engineering
• Skim Units
• Secure Energy Services Tank Internals
• Suncor Energy Burnt Lake Project

Sherritt International, Logo

Sherritt International
• CUPET Varadero Cuba
• Varadero Cuba Fiberglass Piping Field Construction
• Yumuri Region Oil Battery, Cuba

Tridyne Projects,  Logo

Tridyne Projects
• Husky Oil
• Cenovus Produced Water Tank Internals
• Crescent Point Tank Internals
• Penn West Skim Unit

Laricina Energy, Logo

Laricina Energy
• Germain SAGD Pilot Project
• RB Caustic Piping
• 42 Panel Radial Cone Panel System
• FRP Overflow Tank Internals

Northern Blizzard Resources INC., Logo

Northern Blizzard Resources INC.
• Wastewater Potable Water Lines
• LSD-16-5 Dewatering Facility
• FRP Tank Internals

Newalta, Logo

• Tank Internals
• VRU Red River
• Skim Units
• Halbrite Skim Units
• LSD-11-29 VRU
• Fox Creek WMF Tank Tie-ins

Platinum Energy Services ULC, Logo

Platinum Energy Services ULC
• Skim Units
• North Rock Energy Tank Internals
• FRP Tank Internals
• Secure Energy 24" Process Section Pipe Overflows

Cornerstone Engineering, Logo

Cornerstone Engineering
• Contact Exploration Skim Units, Complete with Dual Hinge
• Tank Internals Skim Units
• ConocoPhillips Tank Internals
• Crescent Point Energy

Crescent Point Energy Corp, Logo

Crescent Point Energy Corp
• Stoughton SK Facility
• Flat Lake Internals
• Salt Tank Brine Plenum Replacement
• Heward Battery Reflector Riser VRU
• Kisbey Skim Units
• Shaunavon Battery Tank Tie-ins

AECON Industrial, Logo

AECON Industrial
• Shop Fabrication of WTP Piping for Suncor Plant 31 & 38
• Corrosion Resistant, Fire and Smoke Retardant FRP Ducting
• Areva McClean Lake HVAC Ducting on-Site Install

Canadian Natural Resources, Logo

Canadian Natural Resources
• Horizon Pump Tie-ins
• Wolf Lake Phase I & II
• Brintnell Battery Suction Line
• Edson West Facility Tank Internals
• Worsley Battery
• Kirby North CPF
• West Stoddart

Devon Energy, Logo

Devon Energy
• Jackfish 1, 2, & 3 Water and Acid Lines
• Devon Eaglesham
• Bonnyville Suction Line
• Normandville Skim Units
• Halkirk VRU
• Tank Internals
• Gift Lake
• Drew Oil Battery
• Manatokan 20" Tank Internals

Ledcor Group, Logo

Ledcor Group
• Albian Sands Hot Water Pipe Line 9km of 36" Green Thread
• Imperial Oil Kearl Lake Expansion Project Module Piping
• Suncor Firebag

Areva, Logo

• McClean Lake Uranium Mine JEB Mill Expansion
• Acid Lines from Tanks
• Shutdown Services

WorleyParsonsCord, Logo WorleyParsonsCord
• Devon Jackfish 3 Water and Acid Lines
• Plains Midstream Green Thread Cavern Tie-ins
McDermott International, Logo

McDermott International
• Imperial Oil Kearl Lake 4.5km of 40" Diameter Interconnect Piping Modules

Syncrude, Logo Syncrude
• 48" Raw Water Line Emergency Service
• 7-2 30" Inlet Header Replacement
• Acid Flush Piping System
• UE - 1 FRP Vent Hood & Snow Shield
Apache, Logo

• Horn River BC
• Debolt Facility Water and Caustic Piping
• Midlake Water Decentralization Piping
• Vortex Tank System
• Bashaw Tank Internals

URS/Flint Energy Services/FT Services, Logo URS/Flint Energy Services/FT Services
• Suncor Base Plant 31 & 38 WTP
• Cenovus Foster Creek SAGD
• Suncor Firebag
• Piping Modules
• Shell Caroline
• Coral Hill Energy Virginia Hills
• MEG Energy Christina Lake Project
• Whitecourt Shop Fabrication
Imperial Oil, Logo

Imperial Oil
• Nabiye Oil Project
• Kearl Lake Expansion 4.5 km of 40" FRP Module Piping
• Imperial Oil Judy Creek
• Sunset Prairie Battery
• Mahkeses Barge and Water Line Piping

Cenovus Energy, Logo

Cenovus Energy
• Facility/84 Panel Radial Skim Design
• ETSHO Compressor Station
• Countess Battery/Tank Internals VRU/Various Tank Internals
• Foster Creek Tank Tie-ins and Various Tank Internals
• Suffield Oil Battery/Skim Unit 14"
• Encana Horn River Debolt Acid Spools
• Christina Lake Tank Tie-ins & VRU
• Senlac Thermal Project
• Suffield Water Flood Expansion
• Kininvie Free Water Knockout

Husky Energy, Logo

Husky Energy
• North Gull Lake
• Valhalla Plant VRU
• Bolney Battery Piping
• Tucker Thermal Projects
• Pembina Tank Internals
• Sandall Tank Internals
• Soda Lake Tank Internals
• Sunrise Energy Project
• Gully Lake Battery
• Suffield Fire Water System
• Wildmere VRU and Free Water Knockout
• Grande Prairie
• Sinclair Lake Waterhead


Potash Pulp & Paper

Neucel Speciality Cellulose, Logo

Neucel Speciality Cellulose
• Port Alice, BC - Pulp and Paper FRP Replacement Piping
• Shutdown Services
• Low Water Line Butt Wrap
• FRP Tank Tower Repair

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan, Logo

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan
• Saskatoon Brine Water Lines
• PCS Allan 12" & 20" Green Thread Installation

Mosaic, Logo

• Colonsay Potash Mine FRP Installation