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At CWS Fiberglass Technology, we value a safe and constructive work environment for all employees. In order to provide and promote a safe work environment, CWS is dedicated to proactively keeping pace with ever-changing safety benchmarks. By mitigating potential risks and workplace hazards, CWS keeps employee morale high and encourages employees towards their own dedication to maintaining a strong safety culture.

Quality Assurance

CWS was the first and remains the industry leader in the development and implementation of fiberglass quality control procedures and systems, CWS Fiberglass Technology holds itself to the highest of quality standards as demanded by our clients.

In 2002, CWS Fiberglass Technology became the first fiberglass company to be certified by ABSA for ASME B31.3 process piping code. No other company has as much experience in assembling fiberglass process piping. All CWS bonding procedures (BPS) are registered with ABSA pursuant to our quality control manual. Our quality service and product program is being improved regularly to maintain the high standard of quality that CWS is known for. Effective management of a quality control program through appropriate documentation validates our commitment to quality.

Make sure you validate the credentials of companies you work with. Many other companies make claims of holding certifications like B31.3 or RTP-1, when they are neither certified nor qualified.

Documentation and Certifications


Alberta Boilers' Safety Association

CWS Fiberglass, having complied with the provisions of the Safety Codes Act, is authorized to construct, repair, and alter ASME B31.3 process piping at shop and field sites.

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Fiberglass Systems TQI

As part of the manufacturer’s “Total Quality Installation” program, CWS installers all receive manufacturer-training specific to the piping series, type of connection and service applications. CWS works extensively with piping products that are registered with CRN numbers, making them suitable for use in registered B31.3 pressure-piping systems.

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CWS is proud to maintain an active Certificate of Recognition in Safety Organization. CWS encourages both internal and external audits in an effort to continue to raise both our company’s and our industry’s safety awareness.

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Alberta Construction Safety Association

Alberta Construction Safety Association

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ISN, ComplyWorks, Avetta

CWS Fiberglass Technology is always compliant with the industry’s leading online safety registries. We have dedicated personnel to ensure that we react to implement any new requirements from clients to ensure that all information relevant to our statistics and safety program can be easily assessed.