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For over 30 years, CWS has worked with Western Canada's premier engineering firms and end users to supply a complete range of FRP/GRE turnkey solutions. Piping systems and circuits of any size can be prefabricated and shipped to site for final tie-ins.

Custom Manufactured Components

CWS Fiberglass Technology offers various piping assemblies to assist producers with their water quality, including custom fiberglass tank internals, inlet diffusers, radial skim cones, and drafting services.



Floating Skim Units

CWS offers adjustable skim units that can be used to skim recoverable hydrocarbons from produced water and oil recovery tanks. With hundreds of these units — ranging in size from 2" to 24" in diameter — in service throughout Western Canada, CWS is a leading industry provider of floating skim units. Our custom-fabricated hinges allow the skim assembly to move with any fluctuations in the normal operating level of the tank. This allows the oil-skimming process to continue uninterrupted and has an advantage over-fixed skim units, which become stagnant should emulsion levels waver. To create your custom floating skim unit, CWS will supply design drawings — based on tank size and nozzle orientation — for your review.

CWS's FRP/GRE inlet diffusers and floating skim units are the industry standard for submersed noncorrosive tank systems.

NEW IN 2021

In response to the needs of our clients, CWS is now building our skim units with interchangeable, field-replaceable components. This makes our skim units more customizable and more serviceable than ever before. Ask us about our supportless skim unit options for existing tanks.

Converging/Diverging Inlet Diffusers

Our custom-fabricated converging/diverging inlet diffusers are complete with flow-straightening assembly. Inlet flow diffusers solve the problem of gravity separation of oil from water by preventing incoming fluids from channeling directly to the tank outlet. Converging/diverging inlet diffusers are available in sizes from 2" to 24".

Diffuser C

The converging throat section of the nozzle minimizes the turbulence and cavitations depending upon fluid velocity.

The velocity reduction capability of the nozzle reduces the kinetic energy of the incoming fluid - reducing the shear forces that are the direct cause of the generation of additional emulsion.

Radial Skim Cones

As an industry leader in innovation, CWS has successfully developed and installed fiberglass panel radial skim cones. This has allowed existing producers to apply this technology through the design of FRP panels. FRP panels can then be installed in existing field tanks by accessing man-ways or cleanouts as an economical alternative to new construction of field tanks. CWS has constructed radial skim cones in diameters ranging from 6' to 60'.

Custom Fabrication Work


CWS works closely with the largest FRP suppliers in Western Canada, giving us access to a variety of FRP piping products, depending on service application, temperature and other factors. Some of the more common product lines are:

Red Thread

Red thread 16 & 25 bar piping has been used extensively with great success for petroleum production applications, such as saltwater handling, CO2, crude oil and gas, food processing services, water and wastewater facilities, HVAC, and chemical-processing services. It is an unlined, filament-wound product ideal for light chemical services in salts, solvents, and pH 2 - 13 solutions that corrode traditional metal pipe. The bell and spigot joining system is ideal for close tolerance piping.

Green Thread

Green thread filament-wound piping is an excellent choice for applications, such as dilute acid, caustic applications, produced water, industrial waste, hot water, and condensate return. Carries NSF Standard 61 for potable water service.

Centricast RB

Centricast Plus RB-2530 pipe is manufactured from high-strength glass fabrics, highly resilient aromatic amine epoxy resin, and features a barrier of pure resin for excellent corrosion resistance.

Ameron Bondstrand

Bondstrand 2400
Bondstrand 2400 filament-wound piping, aromatic amine cured epoxy. Recommended for saltwater, brackish water, fire protection, potable/wastewater and sewage, oil field reinjection, crude oil transmission, and mild chemicals.

Bondstrand 3000 Bondstrand 3000A
Bondstrand 3000 series are manufactured using aromatic amine or anhydride epoxy. Recommended for water, wastewater, moderately corrosive liquids, and mild chemicals. Filament-wound glass fiber reinforced epoxy pipe with integral epoxy liner and exterior coating.

Custom-Manufactured Piping

CWS also works with manufacturers of custom pipe. If your engineers or designers have specified the resin composition, thickness and layers of the FRP to be used, CWS can find a manufacturer who can build it.