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FRP Tanks, Vessels and Sumps

Tank Maintenance

CWS can extend service life of fiberglass tanks, vessels and sumps, both single-wall and dual-containment, through tank maintenance and modifications such as

  • Relining
  • Nozzle Repair and Repositioning
  • Repair, Modifications, and Maintenance
  • Field and Emergency Service
  • Dual Containment Modifications


Field service teams specialize in extending the life of fiberglass tanks’ internal corrosion linings. By relining your existing FRP tanks, they can continue to safely store corrosive chemicals like sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), sodium hydroxide (NaOH), or ferric chloride (FeCl3). Any size tank or vessel can be relined, typically within scheduled turnarounds. Even steel tanks can benefit from a corrosion resistant FRP lining.

Nozzle Repair and Repositioning

Existing tank nozzles can be easily removed and replaced with the same or larger diameters, repositioned to a new location, removed and patched-over, new nozzles cut into existing tanks, typically all within a 1-day service, including curing. Existing nozzles can be modified with support gussets to receive loads like valves, instrumentation or piping. In cases where a replacement nozzle must be installed to work with existing piping, CWS Fiberglass technicians can position the new nozzle into alignment with that piping.

CWS works with tank manufacturers to ensure that the structural integrity is not compromised.

Repair, Modifications, and Maintenance

FRP tanks, vessels, sumps, ducting, scrubbers, and neutralizers can all be repaired and modified on-site by CWS Fiberglass field crews, allowing operators to have limited downtime while having the confidence that the repairs meet or exceed industry standards.

Before Tank Repair

Before Tank Repair

After Tank Repair

After Tank Repair

Field and Emergency Service

Field service teams will mobilize to any client’s location to perform required repairs and routine maintenance. Examples of these services include nozzle repairs, tank leaks, and shell cracks.

CWS keeps an inventory of specialized resins to meet a variety of service conditions commonly found in Energy, Pulp&Paper, Chemical, and other Industrial facilities.

In emergency situations, CWS Fiberglass field service teams can be mobilized in 24 hours.

Sump Dual Containment Modifications

The Alberta Energy Regulator mandates that all sumps require dual containment. This issue has conflicted many energy operators. Existing sumps can be modified using CWS’s proprietary sump rehabilitation applications to achieve dual containment.

In conjunction with many sump rehabilitations, drainage trenches can be relined to ensure no external leakage occurs before reaching the sumps. CWS has modified many different configurations of overflow drainage systems. Runoff trenches can be relined or piping installed using FRP to meet AER requirements.

In Progress Sump Modification

In Progress

Finished Sump Modifications