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FRP Inspections

Experienced fiberglass asset holders understand the unique qualities and longevity of their investment. CWS Fiberglass Technology, has helped develop and regularly monitor the effects of unique service applications. From Hypochlorite, Hydroxide, and caustic applications, CWS inspectors and technicians can identify potential corrosion-barrier delaminations, and issues with nozzle and manway ports, that could potentially require FRP service support.

CWS Fiberglass inspectors perform internal and external FRP tank inspections, complete with comprehensive report and repair recommendations. Our inspectors have decades of experience with nonmetallic assets, giving them an understanding of FRP that cannot be matched by other companies whose primary focus is metallic inspections. Inspections can be customized to our clients’ unique requirements. With regular inspection, you can be confident that your FRP assets will remain in service for their entire life cycle.

All CWS inspection projects come with a comprehensive report, highlighting both external and internal findings, complete with repair recommendations.

In the event that a client requires asset replacement, CWS also works with the most reputable FRP tank manufacturers in North America, to procure replacement tanks where necessary. If an FRP tank or vessel has been engineered and maintained correctly, full replacement is usually not required. Qualified RTP-1 technicians can ensure that tanks are fully rehabilitated, typically saving end user tens of thousands of dollars.

CWS has examined many of the current fiberglass inspection processes. UT has shown promise, however our clients and other experienced FRP manufacturers and service companies cannot qualify that there is any empirical evidence that their proprietary information is in fact beneficial, cost productive, and not licensee-driven.

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